Pre-sensitized Plate:

Pre-sensitized steel plate for photo etching parts. Now you can make your own low cost thin metal parts including encoder, Surface Mount Device solder paste stencil or radio frequency shielding screen. Made with high quality steel, stainless steel or brass plate. Laminated both sides with photosensitive film. Use Sodium Carbonate (included) for developing and Ferric Chloride solution (sold separately) for etching.

For details etching process, please read our user guide "How To Make Your Photo Etched Parts" or watch our "How To Video"

What You Can Make:


Stainless Steel:


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Product Features:
  • Pre-sensitized steel, stainless steel or brass plate
  • Comes with Sodium Carbonate (Developer)
  • Use MG Chemicals Ferric Chloride 415 for etching (sold separately)
  • Low cost, as low as $0.27 per square inch
Shipping Information:
  • Shipping cost
  • HS TARIFF Code 3701.20.00, Photo Plate
  • HS TARIFF Code 3401.20.00, Soda Ash
  • Packing Size 25cm x 17cm x 4cm
  • Shipping Weight 250g